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Tamiflu Is Indicated for
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Weeks and Older

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Tamiflu is indicated for the treatment of acute, uncomplicated illness due to influenza infection in patients 2 weeks of age and older who have been symptomatic for no more than 2 days. Tamiflu is also indicated for the prophylaxis of influenza in patients 1 year and older.

Important Safety Information

Serious Skin/Hypersensitivity Reactions

Neuropsychiatric Events

Bacterial Infections

Limitations of Populations Studied

Concurrent Use with Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccine

Most Common Adverse Reactions

Please see the Tamiflu full Prescribing Information for complete safety information.

You are encouraged to report side effects to Genentech by calling 1-888-835-2555 or to the FDA by visiting or calling 1-800-FDA-1088.